Monday, October 24, 2016

Birdsong in the yard

The old documents tell about my great-grand aunts that they were born on the same day and died in the same month . They were twins and their lifetimes were short, four and five weeks. Their first names start with the letter A. What happened? Illness? Were they premature infants?

the key
doesn't fit
for the steel door

Outside the archives I whisper two names with A. There is birdsong in the yard and the sky is blue.


sandy said...

fascinating about your aunts! I imagine u would love to know more. I get excited when I find out something about those who came before me. My dad, before he died, and at our (my sis and I - our insistence or encouragement, wrote out his autobiography. This was in 2000 when he started it and finished it before he passed away in March of 2001. All written in shorthand and my sister typed it. I am so glad we have it now.

love your haiku.

haiku-shelf said...

Thanks a lot for reading and for your very interesting comment.

I'm happy that you've shared your experience ("...about those who came before...") with me.

Bill said...

An emotionally rich haibun.

haiku-shelf said...

Thank you so much, Bill!

dipali sharma said...
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