Sunday, October 07, 2007

photo: Martin G. Wienert; acer palmatum (2007)

at the potter`s house —
the wheel doesn`t turn

In der Werkstatt —
die Töpferscheibe dreht sich
nicht mehr

(AW, 2007)

verblühter lavendel —
wieder kehrt
die biene zurück

withered lavender —
again the bee

(AW; WHC-German, 2005 — editor: Dietmar Tauchner and editorial staff)

sweet taste

once a year
no sometimes twice
i return to a garden
close to the wishing well
a lollipop tree
again i want to know
what a fireplug is
who made moon and stars
like always
grandmother answers
that we have to ask father
all are alive
even uncle Edward
the radio-storyteller
when i open my eyes
my hands are sticky
and there is a sweet taste
on my tongue

(AW, 2006)