Tuesday, December 11, 2007

photo: Martin G. Wienert, a frog in our garden 2007

water damage —
oh, Noah, i remember
your dove

Wasserschaden —
oh, Noah, ich denke an
deine Taube

(AW; Dec. 2007)


Bill said...

Nicely humorous.

haiku-shelf said...

thank you, Bill!

it`s a hard time for my family and me

we live from hope here
and try to save our humour

our home is a chaos...
water comes quick but it`s difficult to remove the damages...

haiku-shelf said...

it happened December 10th!...
(today: January 21st)

the drying period (with noisy machines) is over

but we have still damaged walls (my mother a damaged floor)

Anonymous said...

the smell of the pond from the bullfrog’s cry

Anonymous said...
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